Well Played, Mr. President!

Fri, 2017/04/07 - 1:50pm | Your editor
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Pres. Trump has taken brilliant advantage of being given a second chance to penalize Syrian President Bashar Assad for using banned poison gas. Trump has seized an opportunity to reset the rules four years after Assad crossed with impunity “the red line” allegedly set by Pres. Obama, who did nothing. Now the US has shown that it will not tolerate continued war crimes by Damascus against its own people, cause of retaliatory Isis terrorism against Shias, panicky refugee exodus, the death of innocent children, regional instability in the Middle East, and chemical warfare horrors which have been outlawed since the end of World War I.

Our president has also delivered an indirect warning to another outlaw state, North Korea, while hosting Chinese President Xin Jinping, who is protecting Kim Jung Un, a bit of fortuitous timing.

While I am no fan of the Administration I think that this challenge was handled well. In spite of the divisive way it operates, the White House chose a better response than the buttoned-up Obama one did.

Today an apparent terrorist attack in Stockholm again used a vehicle to cause death and destruction, something it is almost impossible to prevent in a modern city.


Worrying the markets today, apart from fear of war, was the poor job figures for March. Rather than the forecast of 174,000 new jobs, the non-farm payrolls only added 98,000 jobs. People switched to bonds pushing down the yield and also into gold, the proverbial safe play, which jumped to over $1265.51 per ounce.

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