Valentine's Day Misses and Missiles

Tue, 2017/02/14 - 2:23pm | Your editor
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The Russians appear to have violated the 1987 Start Treaty by secretly deploying a land-based cruise missile in 2014. The Putin-smoochin' White House, which has just lost its National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn for undisclosed links with Russian diplomats during the Interregnum, now has to deal with this Cold War-style challenge from the Kremlin. Mr Trump in his telephone conversation with Vladimir Vladimirovich seemed to think the treaty was called “Start-Up” and seemed to be pretty out of it as the Russian sought to get his agreement to extend the deal for 5 more years without stopping his land-based cruise missile program.

The Obama Administration tried to persuade Russia to stop the development of the missile, without success. You can also worry about China and North Korea making aggressive moves against the US and its allies.

Happy Valentine's Day. Coupled with hawkishness from Janet Yellen of the Fed, who said that there could be a rise in US interest rates soon, the Russian violation has taken down US markets after yesterday's bullishness. Foreign markets were mostly closed, except for Americas ones, when the news hit.


Today we have 2 quarterly results from companies using a fiscal year ending in March, one good, and one less so, along with upgrades on our latest buy pick and news from Canada, India, Finland, Germany, Britain, Israel, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, and Bermuda. We also have a couple of ideas which are hard to implement or which are better left to others.

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