Thursday Bonus

Thu, 2018/01/04 - 7:02am | Your editor
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Today the children went back to school here in London on a rainy Thursday and we are suddenly back into traffic by cars, bicycles, and scooters—with both mothers and children zipping along. The children all seem to have helmets to protect them, but not the mothers.

Britain in 2017 met its target of generating more electricity from renewables and nuclear energy than from oil, gas and coal. Nuclear power stations provided 21% of UK electricity needs, and low-carbon renewables 29%, as Britain “de-carbonized” its power for the first year. Its ultimate target is for three-quarters of its electricity to be green or nuclear, so it still has some way to go.

Half of Norwegian cars now either are electric or hybrid. It offers free charging and zero tolls, which helped the launch, but may be less generous in future.

Because I have wiggled out of the planned Friday lunch I am writing a normal second Thursday blog with updates and tomorrow will file in the morning, as is appropriate, rather than tonight. So here is a bonus issue. We start with banking news. And a bid for one of our companies!

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