Tech Selloff and Alternatives

Wed, 2017/11/29 - 3:31pm | Your editor
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Here's what a great stock market figure, no lefty, thinks about the tax bill now before Congress:

“The tax proposals in Washington are a 'moral abomination' because they favor corporations at the expense of workers, Vanguard Group founder John Bogle said.
“Think about this: Corporate profits after taxes last year were the highest they’ve ever been in the history of GDP going back to 1929,” said Bogle at an event Tuesday sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. “And we are thinking of giving relief to the corporations at the highest levels ever. Individual wages are at the lowest level in about 15 years as a percent of GDP,” he added.
“So we are helping people who are doing very well and doing nothing for the people doing very badly,” said Bogle. “One of the flaws is that corporations are putting their shareholders ahead of the people that built the corporation, the people who put their heart and soul” into the companies.


Another grievance, this time from my alternate role as housewife. The new Amazon-controlled Whole Foods market in my neighborhood no longer takes back empty bottles for cash, so they will clutter up the landfills run by my city. The change also affects on of our stock picks, at least longer-term. But it also undermines the green credentials of the supermarket.

The tech selloff which began in China and Hong Kong has now hit the US. There are alternatives.

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