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Mon, 2017/03/20 - 5:11pm | Your editor
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I just posted a day and a half late our latest performance tables which can be viewed on by paid subscribers in full and by pre-subscribers the positions which have been closed.

Update on my horror story: after filling in the gaps in the way my account was hacked it appears that my contacting my cable company over problems with e-mail led to its tech support staff member putting me into harm's way. They say they record everything so they will be able to spot the miscreant. He gave me a number to call for further help and I stupidly went to it rather than stopping when he told me he could not transfer the call.

The good people at staples expect that they will complete the restoration of my computers by Tuesday evening if all goes well. I will not attempt to blog tomorrow morning because I have to work on the site rather than using a word program. So I will take a morning off and go to a museum. I have had a frantic weekend trying to restore my systems but weekends are sacred. By early Monday we were on track to get thing set to rights.

I cannot get into my email accounts so don't bother writing with your sympathies until I am up and running again. I am saying the misheberach prayer to ask my female ancestors to intercede on behalf of my business.

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