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Sun, 2017/02/12 - 1:21pm | Your editor
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Today as usual I posted my tables showing how well we have been doing--which is quite well in our stocks, bonds, and traded funds. Our closed positions are not as lovely because I was taking losses last year on the assumption that a US tax reform measure from the new Administration would make losses less valuable in the future.

Everyone can see the closed-positions table on our website, Use the printer-friendly button to view spreadsheets on your screen.

Today's chore was rendered more difficult by the decision of Barron's to leave out net asset value calculations on US closed-end bond funds invested outside the USA, the very ones we dote upon. Since the weekly's reporters frequently discuss the bargain prices of CEF against their NAV, this switcheroo cost me time and aggravation, as I had to use the more cumbersome Closed-End Fund Association site to do my tables.

Of course CEFs once they are operating do not advertise in Barron's, whereas the operators of exchange-traded and open-end fund do adevertise. However many fund management groups in fact operate in different market vehicles. So the weekly is being penny wise and dollar foolish in how it serves its subscribers.

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