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Sun, 2018/02/04 - 2:07pm | Your editor
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The Sunday tables were just posted on with our first trade for 2018 giving morale a great boost, because it was very profitable. However, the gain was because this was a takeover, a nice way to get out of a speculative stock with triple digit gains. We also have two new sells, not yet done, one positive and one negative, because my Friday limit orders have not yet been executed. Paid subscribers can see the sell recommendations and check on Friday's post to see my reasonong. Pre-subscribers have to settle for being only told about completed trades.

Your free sub may have suddenly ended, because under pressure from google, I have had to cut back on how many blogs are sent out daily from my account. Sorry about that but if you want to get my opinions you have to shell out some money which, if the past is anything to go by, will pay off rapidly with stock gains.

Note that last week saw a coordinated drop in almost every share we own, except for a few marked in the model portfolio with a star. That is because the selling was very broad and relentless. I think there is a reason for this, which may mean that the market can recoup. I explain this below for paid subscribers only.

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