Sunday News Re-send

Sun, 2017/04/09 - 11:22am | Your editor
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The coming week is going to be very foreshortened, because Tuesday and Wednesday are when I observe Passover and don't work, and many markets are closed for Good Friday. So instead of a statistical update today I am going to write a normal blog.

It is Palm Sunday and terrorism again stalked the Middle East with two Coptic Christian churches attacked in Tanta and Alexandria, both in northern Egypt. The Alexandria bombing hit the front of the church where the children were seated.

The horrible murder of innocents on because of their religion has become a way for Shia and Sunni Muslims, Hindus, even Buddhists, to support their faiths. My German maternal grandparents were killed by the Nazis because they were Jews, although they had lived all their lives in western Germany's Sinnthal (source of the Brothers Grimm's German fairy tales). My grandfather had served as a soldier in the German Army early in the 20th century. The atrocious Nazi targeting of people for being of the wrong religion or just for being alive has become part of daily news today.

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