The Rich Are Different

Thu, 2017/02/09 - 1:58pm | Your editor
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To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, the rich are really different from you and me, among other things in their friendships. First daughter Ivanka Trump was the legal guardian for the two daughters of Rupert Murdoch and his divorced wife Wendi until she resigned after her father won the White House.

To marry Aristotle Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy turned down the widower Lord Harlech, the former British Ambassador to Washington and a close friend of JFK.

A personal aside. While Onassis had a troubled daughter who did not appreciate her stepmother, Lord Harlech had one too, Jane Ormsby Gore, whom I got to know in London. Jane was then the shocker of the establishment, attending a hunt ball wearing a gold brooch on her gown in which a large live beetle was imprisoned. She also publicly smoked pot, then illegal.

Jane, whose mother had died in car crash then lost her father in a different car crash. She later married and divorced Michael Rainey, who made clothes for the Beatles (the singers.) Now she is an interior decorate in Wales with a very conventional style.

Wendy Deng's two daughters, now teen-agers, are only getting started. They recently holidayed in St. Barts with their mother, who is nearly 6 ft tall, and her Hungarian male model friend, 21, who presumably was under strict orders not to molest them.


It may be a bad sign. One of the two local supermarkets serving me (and Melania Trump, assuming she buys food for her self and her son) is a Whole Foods and I have been buying more there now that they have stopped their price gauging (after two other local chains, Food Emporium and d'Agostino, shut their stores near here, in the zip code which gave the world the Trump Tower.) Now after another lousy quarter, Whole Paycheck (as it is called) will join up with Dunnhumby, a private consumer data collecting sub of Britain's Tesco supermarket chain (TSCDY, sold). The data will find its best customers and market to them by personalized offers. I have never spotted the First Lady in the supermarket, only at the polls at PS 59 Man. Her son does not attend the public school.


Today's blog is scant and short because my cable internet connection has been slowed down by a blizzard. This may have boosted one of our shares, discussed below.


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