Reversion to the Mean

Fri, 2017/03/10 - 2:51pm | Your editor
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Regression to the mean requires that after the balmy weather of February some balancing cold hits. So today New York and points both north and south along the eastern seaboard are having snow.

This shouldn't be that bad as it is not sticking in Manhattan, but my newspapers did not arrive this morning, except for the NY Times.

Regression to the mean is also boosting non-US shares in the stock market today after their shrinkage this month. Almost every foreign stock market index is up today, from Japan (even Toshiba) via Germany on news, to Canada, in part because the dollar has fallen after US employment data fell short of projections with only modest growth.

More for paid subscribers follows about this week's last day of trading from Hong Kong, India, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Britain, Finland, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and Egypt. We also have a company reporting today.


*There will be no portfolio updates on Sunday because my brokerage firm is “enhancing” its offerings which will require that its site shutdown, and because I am going to a Purim costume party (dressed in a British red-coat uniform I inherited from my father-in-law.)

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