Outage or Outrage Friday Edition

Fri, 2017/03/17 - 9:50am | Your editor
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Global-investing.com has been unable to send out its blogs since Monday because of outages and tech issues at the servers at Blue Host of Oren, Utah. Trying to get it right has been frustrating and re-sending the blogs has not succeeded despite the Blue Host tech support people's help. Instead of getting through to people we were put on a spam list for multiple attempts to send to the same subscriber or pre-subscriber, without the supposed victim of spam having done anything.

We now may or may not  switch to a virtual private server with the same firm, a major listed player in web hosting called Endurance International Group of Burlington, Mass., in which some Indians including Ravi Ravichandran own a minority. EIGI-Q. It has horrible music when you are on hold. Which is often.

Will you please visit www.global-investing.com in the interim to view the issues you have missed? I hope to have completed the cleanup and transfer today but I cannot write while I am discussing new technology. And, yes, it will cost more than the current hosting options so if you were planning to subscribe or renew do it now before the big bite hits.

Today's blog will be short because I am migrating, not to the USA but perhaps to a virtual private server to overcome issues with my dysfunctional shared one. This is a new cost for my business and will led to higher subscription charges. Renewing or subscribing now will avoid them.

Today's blog will probably not go out normally as I am still trying to avoid paying nearly $700 for the virtual private server being offered by blue host, a company which has not inspired confidence to date. It is our current web host and of course it would be easier to stick with the devil you know. However, my experience has been that the tech support at this firm, a sub of Endurance International Group, EIGI-Q, of Manchester, Mass. More Thursday news for paid subscribers follows and Friday will go out later if this works:

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