Election Day

Tue, 2017/09/12 - 1:03pm | Your editor
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The phone man came and tested the lines and then went away again. He will let me know by cell what is going on with our lines which are copper running through the sewers.

Today is Election Day for the party primaries in New York City and I will vote after I blog. The last time I voted was last November when the poll site, a local public school, was invaded by Donald and Melania Trump with cops, secret service men, TV cameras, and lots of press in tow. This time it should be more sedate as the vote for my half of Sutton Place will only be between the incumbent on the City Council and his two challengers. The other half of Sutton Place is in a differeant electroral zone and there are 10 candidates for the Democratic nomination and only one, unchallenged, for the Republican one. We also get to vote for the mayorality candidate but De Blasio allegedly has it sewn up mainly because he raised far more cash than the challenger from my fair city's real estate moguls, not of course including The Donald.


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