Bannon Ban

Thu, 2017/04/06 - 12:52pm | Your editor
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Another repair attempt on my office internet system has apparently succeeded but I remain fearful.

The Administration has done some housekeeping in the last day. Steven Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council to also end its politicization. Also Congressman Devin Nunes has recused himself from the investigation of Trump aides' ties to Russia after his impartiality was thrown into question by his huddles at the White House. I am still waiting for a move against Press Secy. Spicer, another overly partisan member of the team. These exits are linked to the move to cut the filibuster against Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch. The Republicans need to keep all hands on deck (and maybe a few Democrats as well) so they are dumping the most divisive elements of the White House team.


The big news this morning is that India is buying a $1.6 billion missile system from Israel to try to gain a lead against Pakistan. India also worries about other malevolent countries in the region like Iran (and its evil ally Syria, and India's former pal Russia). This is a sign of how peace is at risk exactly 100 years after the US entered World War I. It is also a further warning to Xi Jinping and his negotiating partner President Trum to clip the wings of Kim Jong On of Pyongyang.


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