An Anniversary

Mon, 2017/09/11 - 2:24pm | Your editor
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A speculative stock gamble we advised taking last week has paid off already, and what to do now about this share is discussed below.

Before moving on to the big good news today, we need to remember what happened here 16 years ago and to think about how to help the people of Houston and the Caribbean areas and part of Florida hit by Hurricane Irma, now reduced in horribleness to a mere tropical storm but still deadly.

Having watched the impact of new price cuts on my local Whole Foods market I was not surprised that supermarket analysts found that the post-Amazon shopping at the US branches of the chain rose 25% after is stopped being “the whole paycheck”. The world of supermarkets will never be the same. When I was a child in Manhattan, the local general grocery stores were wiped out by Great A&P, now bust, while specialists selling delicatessen goodies, real bakeries, fishmongers, and Kosher butchers survived. I expect that in areas with dense foot traffic will see the same pattern, but whether it will work nationwide is not clear.

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